Renegade North Tesla



DOB: 3/3/2017

2018 - +V+ FS81 @ 01-03




Tesla 12/4/17

Tesla 12/4/17

I kept Tesla on a whim because he had moonspots and I figured I could always sell him should he not fit in with my goals.  But as he matures, I am liking him more and more.  Tesla demonstrates excellent width in his hind end and appears to be quite flat across the rump.  (He is not as downhill as he appears in the 12/3/17 photo). I am excited to get him clipped up this summer to see what is under the hair.  I will probably have appraised just to see where his shortcomings are (I don't like where his ears are set). I am looking forward to seeing him mature and maybe even using him selectively in the fall of 2018.  After all, maybe he will throw his grand dam Ivy.