Renegade North Prince Nelson



DOB: 4/8/2016

DNA Typed & on-ice

2017 - VV+ FS85 @ 01-03

2018 - EVE FS90 @ 02-02




Ever see a goat that just seems to stand a bit taller than the rest?  That was Prince, even as a little squirt.  At days old, he stood perfectly square and tall, tail always flipped up over his back.  He was a very interesting color, as well.  While his papers list him as white with blue eyes, he is now more of a white chamoise. His dam is no slouch, nor are his grand dams. Dam's dam, Deja, is an Elite milker. Sire's dam, J-Nels LY Samosa is daughter of J-Nels ER Dumplin and a spotlight sale doe. My 2017 appraiser was very impressed with this young buck, giving him a score of 85, which is excellent for a buck just over a year old.  I am very excited to see what Prince produces this year.

Prince continued to impress with his 2018 Linear appraisal score and some very correct kids. As a result he was collected with approximately 90 straws on ice. If you are an ADGA Plus herd and wish to use his genetics, please contact me. I will offer FREE (YES FREE) semen or breeding for qualified does.


  • 2018 - Bred to 7 does