Gerlach Mr. Black


DOB: 9/17/16

S: Gerlach Beau

D: CH Gerlach Valoel




Mr. Black - 2/10/2018

Mr. Black - 2/10/2018

Mr. Black is an AKC Anatolian Shepherd Dog who keeps an eye on the farm when we are not home or are sleeping. He is a rather big boy at 180lbs and growing - that is a 4' fence with a 2x4 across the top (pictured above).  Dr. Chris (vet) agrees, I have never seen a dog with a larger head.  Black is a very good boy, though... just don't grab his goats or he will push you away/down.  I haven't seen him mad, but he certainly has a heck of a bark and rarely do two or four-legged guests go unnoticed. Black was bred and born in California and then went to live in Texas before we got him at the age of 9 months.