Please be patient, this page is no where near complete, but I am actively working on it where I have time. As the year progresses, I'll keep adding photos.  I realized I have a lot of photos, but not very many good ones.

Renegade North is a small hobby farm located in Marquette, Michigan.  After more than 12 years in Minnesota, work finally brought us back home to the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

We have always had a bit of a self-sufficiency attitude and, for the most part, we are self-sufficient.  We certainly buy more animal feed than groceries. What we don't raise or grow, we hunt or catch (fish).  This means chickens for meat and eggs. A few pigs for pork. Wethers (castrated male goats) are retained for red meat.  I am usually fortunate enough to shoot a deer or two every fall, as well. I enjoy fishing in my spare time (HA!) mainly ice fishing, but am fortunate enough to get up to Canada with a good friend in the summer. We typically do a large garden, which we can (preserve) a great deal of.  

There are a number of freeloaders on the farm, mainly, the horses.  A team or Percheron / Clydesdales, Jack and JJ, are broke to drive but mainly just eat money and poop work... and break stuff... yeah, they like to break stuff.  Ike, an off the (race) track quarter horse, used to get a fair amount of riding, but a small human has limited the time available for that. I am hoping to buy a pony and get both of us into the saddle soon.  The occasional racing or off-track thoroughbred takes up temporary residence as we are 'partners' with a friend on a few horses that primarily race at Canterbury Park.

And then there are the GOATS... LOTS of goats. When I made the decision to get into performance programs, supervised milk test (DHIR) and Linear Appraisal (LA), I got into a bit of a pickle regarding sales.  Being an engineer, the science of the programs intrigues me.  The more data you have, the more accurately you can predict the likelihood of trait being passed down. So, in an attempt to collect more data, I sold very few. My data sets are now fairly complete, with both linear (structural) data and milk test data on nearly every goat in my herd. I put a lot of time, energy, and money into participating in these programs, far more than I will recoup in sales.  Check out my animals FOR SALE HERE, or my KIDDING SCHEDULE HERE... and if you see anything you like or would just like to chat goats, CONTACT ME HERE.