Renegade North Poison Ivy - "Black ivy"



DOB: 6/25/2013

2016 - ++A+ FS82 @ 03-01



Pictured - 6/8/18

Pictured - 6/8/18

I sold Black Ivy as a kid (and did not name her... incase you haven't noticed, all my goats have 'people names'). I then bought her back in 2016 when she sold her goats. Why do we call her Black Ivy? Well, because she's not white like her mother.  Black Ivy is a goat I regretted selling, so I was glad to get her back.  Her 2016 linear appraisal score isn't that impressive, but she is another slow to mature goat, just like her mother.

Sadly, Black Ivy delivered a single, quite dead, doe kid in 2018.  Her udder never quite came in like it did the previous year.  


  • 2017 - Renegade North Daphne by Caplon Kidz Flynn
  • 2018 - DUE 3/30 by Renegade North Prince Nelson