Dude v.d. Flusswindung


DOB: 11/13/2010

S: Enck vom Orion

D: Vicki vom Hedge Row




Dude at Game Fair on 8/17/14

Dude at Game Fair on 8/17/14

Dude is a Deutsch Drahthaar.  What is a Deutsch Drahthaar?  Well, in German, Deutsch = German, Draht = wire, haar = hair.  What make a Deutsch Drahthaar different than a German Wirehair Pointer.  One: The breed registry.  Dude is registered in Germany through the Verein Deutsch-Drahthaar e.V. (V.D.D).  Two: Testing!  You CANNOT register a litter of pups without testing of both the sire and dam.  This means a test at a year old (the VJP) and a test at two years old (the HZP), in addition to standard health tests. The Germans do not take this stuff lightly! As a result, there is 'no such thing as a draht that doesn't hunt'.  They are fabulous and eager to please dogs! 

Dude particularly excels at dock dog.  We are regulars at Game Fair in Ramsey, MN.  We usually take home $50 at one of the daily 'splash for cash' events, and make the finals in long jump... even winning one year. Dude's average jump off the Game Fair docks is 24'.