Renegade north Cheyenne



DOB: 5/26/2014

2016 - +++A FS79 @ 02-02

2017 - +V+V FS87 @ 03-02

2018 - VEVE FS87 @ 04-01



Dakota County Fair - 8/7/2017

Dakota County Fair - 8/7/2017

Cheyenne is daughter of SG The JWJ Pickles Tulip 1*M - "Deja".  Deja is my most productive Nigerian doe, ranking in the 97th percentile on the August 2017 and December 2017 Elite doe list.  Cheyenne's 2016 son, Prince, was retained as a buck because he just had that look about him from day 1.... just the way he stood was proud and fancy.  I am certainly not disappointed with the decision to retain Prince as a buck.  My 2017 appraiser really liked him, giving him a score of VV+ FS85 @ 01-03, which is very good for a year-old buck considering they don't really mature until 3 years old.  Cheyenne was nice enough to give me twin does in 2017 by Bolivar, which I am excited to get into the show ring for another opinion.  The only thing I'm looking forward to more is seeing if Pharaday can sharpen that front end assembly and flatten that rump a bit... I'll be pretty proud of the result if he does.


  • 2016 - Renegade North Prince Nelson by Caplon Kidz Flynn
  • 2017 - Renegade North Judith by Meg's Mini Bolivar
  • 2017 - Renegade North Juliet by Meg's Mini Bolivar
  • 2018 - DUE 4/28 by Aubreys Acres Pharaday