sg Renegade north ivy1*M



DOB: 6/4/2009

2017 - VEEE FS90 @ 08-01

2015 - VEEV FS88 @ 06-04



Ivy - 7/20/2017

Ivy - 7/20/2017

Ivy is most certainly a herd favorite.  She acquired her name after frolicking in the woods with her mother.  Any one familiar with Sherburne county can tell you one thing that is in abundance - POISON IVY.  Well, I picked up cute little Ivy, unnamed at that time, and a day later had a great deal of itchy blisters up and down my forearms.  I actually almost SOLD Ivy as she was slow to mature.  Hubby insisted she was a good one and that I should not sell. I am DEFINITELY glad I listened.


  • 2011 - Renegade North Emily (deceased) by Pelican Acres DSL Tank
  • 2012 - Renegade North Lily by Pelican Acres DSL Tank
  • 2013 - Renegade North Poison Ivy by Avian Acres VEN John Stamos
  • 2017 - Renegade North Fate by Haycreeks Wild Arcade Token
  • 2018 - DUE 3/11 by Meg's Mini Bolivar