Renegade north Donnie-Anne



DOB: 8/1/2015

2016 - young stock - +V+ overall +

2017 - ++V+ FS84 @ 01-11




Donnie-Anne is named after my cousin since they share a birthday (if a goat is born on your birthday, I will name a goat after you)!  Donnie-Anne was among the last of my goats to be appraised in the young stock program and one of the last appraised by one of ADGA's greatest linear appraisers (IMO). Donnie-Anne is very dairy but could use more width.  Donnie's 2017 kid is among my favorites, she always catches my eye.


  • 2017 - Renegade North Penelope by Renegade North Hazard County ("Luke")
  • 2018 - DUE 6/15 by Aubreys Acres Pharaday