McCann-Farm SRF Hazel



DOB: 5/21/2016





No, Hazel is not a Togg! She is a 'lavender factor' swiss-marked French Alpine! Hazel was purchased from the McCanns in 2016.  Unfortunately, she did not freshen for me in 2017 as she miscarried a month and a half early. I really admire Hazel's dam GCH McCann-Farm Fern 2*M - VVEE FS90 @ 02-05 (S: Kara-Kahl So Long Heartbreaker +*B - EEE FS91 @ 03-04, D: SG Kara-Kahl Replay Syrup 1*M - EEEE FS91 @ 09-03).  I can't wait to see what Hazel produces!


  • 2018 - DUE 3/19 by Kickapoo-Valley Proud Hawkeye *B