Aubreys acres pharaday



DOB: 5/2/2017

DNA typed

2018 - +++ FS80 @ 01-01




Pharaday was purchased to sharpen some shoulders and improve some rumps.  See Lauren's page, Aubreys Acres, to read more about Pharaday's sire and dam (and her other FABULOUS animals).  Thank you Lauren for these amazing genetics!

I am particularly proud of Pharaday's name.  When I purchased him, I was allowed to name him with the recommendation of a 'ph' name tocontinue the line.  I struggled for a day or two until the obvious hit me.  I had wanted to name a buck Faraday to go with Tesla... PERFECT! I am VERY EXCITED to see what Pharaday can do for my herd.


  • 2018 - Bred to 6 does - and I'll probably breed him to a few more for late kids