Renegade North Maxine



DOB: 6/16/2010





I sold Maxine, person who bought her sold her to a neighbor, and then I bought her back in 2016 when they got out of goats.  Somewhere along the way, she got attacked by a dog and sustained damage to her lower jaw, which will keep her out of the show ring. She has a LOVELY fore-udder but had not freshened in time for 2016 linear appraisal.  She did not settle for me last year, and I am having trouble with her again this year (which may be my fault as an alpine buck got her so she got lute.  She's been a bit messed up since then, I'm hoping the cystorelin at the last breeding did the trick).


  • 2016 - Renegade North Jessica-Anne by Haycreeks Wild Arcade Token
  • 2016 - Renegade North Alice (sold) by Haycreeks Wild Arcade Token
  • 2018 - MAYBE July kids? by Meg's Mini Bolivar