Renegade north lexie 2*M



DOB: 6/5/2013

2015 - AFFA FS74 @ 02-04

2017 - +VVE FS87 @ 04-01




Lexie has proven to be a slow to mature goat, as evident by the jump in her linear appraisal scores. If I could add a bit of width to Lexie, I'd have a very nice goat. One thing I really admire about Lexie is the texture of her udder and ease of milking.  With a current sample size of one, her daughters appear to be following in her hoof prints.

Erin was sold to Jen Weide in fall of 2019


  • 2015 - Renegade North Donnie-Anne by Proctor Hill Farm SV Charro

  • 2017 - Renegade North Suze by Belle Rock Farm JB Whistle

  • 2018 - DUE 3/7 by Meg's Mini Bolivar