Renegade North Ella Jane



DOB: 3/1/2017




Ella Jane got her name because she is out of Laura.  My human friend Laura's daughter is Ella Jane, so it only makes sense. Ella Jane shockingly broke a hind leg in the fall of 2017.  Of course, I had the vet look at it.  Ella got along fine on 3 legs and the fracture was simple and properly aligned.  The vet opted to do nothing.  The thought was that casting/splinting could hinder her movement and create an issue where none existed... often less is more.  Today Ella uses all 4 legs and you would never know she had broken one.  I hope this continues to be the case as she matures.  Ella has a full brother, Renegade North Pyrite, who is intact buck.  He was sold due to his width of body and dam's milk records.


  • Ella Jane will be bred for 2019 kids