Prairie wood Cover Girl - "CHARLOT"



DOB: 4/9/2012

2015 - VVV+ FS85 @ 03-06

2017 - VEEV FS88 @ 05-03



Charlot - pictured 7/21/17

Charlot - pictured 7/21/17

I purchased Charlot and her buddy Luna in 2014 from some folks IN St. Paul.  Charlot is a lovely doe that has YET to give me a doe in the 4 years I've bred her... I'm hoping this is the year. Charlot is generally willing to please, but will run over anyone/anything on the way to milk stand. Another thing about Charlot, she is DARN LOUD... and she has one of those super obnoxious mouth-wide-open screams.  I guess it is kind of funny, if you are in the mood for it.


  • 2017 - Renegade North Wind (sold) by Meg's Mini Bolivar
  • 2018 - DUE 4/18 by Meg's Mini Bolivar