Deb's Whisperwoods Adam West



DOB: 4/21/2017

DNA typed & on-ice

2018 - A+A FS79 @ 01-02




Adam West 12/4/17

Adam West 12/4/17

Adam West is son of GCH MI Sugarcreek WM Xtrafly 2*M.  Xtrafly is a beautiful and productive doe.  I am excited to add those genetics to my herd.  Adam West is another name that I came up with that I am particularly proud of. I hope to be proud to have his name on papers in ALL aspects.  Adam West will likely be used on a few this fall, and if all goes as planned, extensively for 2019 kids.  A HUGE thanks to Deb for these genetics!  Deb's page can be found here!